Hotel/Motel Umbrella Programs

The facility is backed by an “A” rated, Admitted, Size XV carrier that is exclusive to our facility (one of the Liberty Mutual Insurance companies).  The program is designed for limited-service, franchised Hotels & Motels and it provides excellent coverage at an extremely competitive price. 

We offer $5M ($1,500 minimum premium) and $10M ($2,500 minimum) limit options. 

  1. Website: 
  2. We have been successfully placing standalone hotel umbrellas for over a decade.  We have insured thousands of hotels/motels in that span.
  3. Paper:  “A” rated (Excellent), Size XV – Admitted (and exclusive to our facility).
  4. States:  we are currently live in all states except California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi and Washington.  We expect to add more states soon.
  5. Great coverage and low minimum premiums.
  7. We don’t charge any fees.
  8. We issue individual policies with individual limits.  No group policies or shared limits.
  9. And, we offer superior service – including one-day quote turnaround and policies issued within one day of receipt of the binding information.
  10. 10% commission to you.
  11. We only work via independent agents.  We do not place any umbrellas directly.
  12. We only write limited-service, franchised hotels and motels.
  13. Exterior entry hotels/motels are okay.
  14. Manager cocktail parties are okay.  Bars are limited – subject to review.
  15. We cannot write any hotel that offers extended stay.  Nor can we cover any hotel that offers a passenger shuttle.
  16. Getting started:
    • We have a simple 2-page sub-producer agreement.
    • We do require recently valued hard-copy loss runs for the last 3 years’ on the underlying GL policy.  We cannot quote any hotel with a GL incurred loss of $50K or greater within the last 2 years.
    • Underlying carrier must be A-, VII or better.
    • We can typically turn quotes around within one day.
    • Or, contact Bill Cleave at 609-818-9534 or