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Sangamon Associates

Sangamon Associates and Its Affiliates Develop and Administer Insurance Programs Nationwide for Agents, Associations and Large Employer Groups

We specialize in Property Casualty insurance programs and have successfully assisted our clients in developing their own programs and/or captive insurance arrangements across numerous lines of business.

In addition, we currently administer several insurance programs – including a cell phone insurance program for 27 rural telcos and a hotel/motel umbrella program for limited-service, franchised hotels/motels nationwide. We also assist associations in developing customized insurance programs for their members.

Finally, our background as reinsurance brokers enables us to approach the reinsurance markets on behalf of our clients. Thus, we offer our clients a unique perspective …as we have experience in each of the critical functions of insurance programs: from retail agencies through to program development/management and on to reinsurance brokerage on the back end. This background is extremely rare among those in this space…as most MGAs or reinsurance brokers typically have, at most, experience in only 2 of these 3 critical functions.

For more on our services, please click on the various tabs above. Or, please phone Bill Cleave at 609-818-9534 for a confidential (and no-obligation) discussion.