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Reinsurance Brokerage

Hand Signing a Surety BondOur principal, Bill Cleave, worked for years as a reinsurance broker at two of the largest reinsurance brokerage houses in the world – AON Re and E.W. Blanch. While at those firms, he successfully placed the reinsurance treaties of numerous ceding companies – including national stock insurers, regional mutuals and captives & Pools. This background provided a broad experience in analyzing and placing reinsurance treaties and, in addition, it brought a wealth of contacts in the reinsurance community.

Thus, we are able to approach the entire reinsurance market on your behalf and we’ll offer an unbiased opinion regarding your account and also the reinsurance market at large. Finally, we would be happy to provide you with free consultation regarding your risk placement.

Our promise is that we will be responsive and aggressive on your behalf. Thus, we’ll always be in contact with you — you won’t have to wait days for us to return your call.

This is a relationship-driven business and, as such, our aim is to form long-term relationships with our customers via superior service and results. Thus, our fees are predominantly success-related. (That is, we only get paid if you are successful.)

Please call or email to discuss your reinsurance needs. We would be happy to discuss your goals and how reinsurance might be a solution for you.

For more information, please call Bill Cleave today at (508) 994-9688.