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Cell Phone Insurance Programs

A High Net Worth Individual Man Smiles at the CameraIf you are a telephone company or a retail store that sells cell phones, we can assist you in providing a handset replacement program for your customers. Offering this insurance is important because, on average, roughly 20% – 25% of cell phone customers nationwide purchase some form of this coverage.

We currently administer a program for over 25 telephone companies across the country. This program carries the endorsement of several associations, including the NTCA and the RTG. We also offer another program for those clients who do not fit the guidelines of our telephone program.

Here’s an overview of our offerings:

  • Both are backed by “A” rated, billion-dollar insurance companies. Thus, they are compliant with state insurance requirements. (The “Theft” and “Loss” coverages typically put these cell phone programs squarely into the area of Insurance Department review. Many telcos and others erroneously believe that they can self-insure these exposures. Or, they partner with non-compliant “Warranty Club” programs.)
  • We provide best-in-class coverage for your customers (including only a $50 deductible and no limit on the number of claims per year).
  • Also, we offer a Billing & Collection reimbursement fee to our customers.
  • Unlike other programs in the market, we do not require any sign-up fee, nor do we require a minimum number of cellular subscribers before a client is eligible to enroll.
  • Our repair and claims facilities provide a “one stop shop” to handle your insured customers’ damaged phones and your logistics.

For more information, please call Bill Cleave today at (508) 994-9688.